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Liferay on AWS

Deploying Liferay on AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Configuring RDS for database, S3 for data folder and Scaling Liferay using Load Balancer on Cloud
Pre-requisites:  You have a AWS account Configured with keypairUnderstanding of what is Elastic Beanstalk, RDS, S3
Creating EBs Instance Create New Application Click on AWS Home (Yellow box at top left corner of page) and navigate to Elastic Beanstalk service.  Click “Create New Application” to create your application. Provide necessary info required e.g. shown below
Configure Environment TypeConfigure Environment Type as applicable for your application, In below case we are using Web Server, Tomcat 7 with Java 6 on 64 bit Linux machine. Select Environment Type as Load balancing, auto scaling (utilize the feature of AWS as we want our application to scale up / down depending on load balancer configuration).
   Select ApplicationSince we are doing initial setup of Elastic Beanstalk instance we will select sample application for first time and click contin…

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